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Réber László


László Réber's name has been linked to the name of a popular writer for generations. In the course of time hundreds of thousands or even millions have grown fond of the young boy who looks up to adults dutifully yet seems to observe them from above, and just as many people have learnt that they should appreciate the grown-ups' dull words of wisdom, platitudes, aggressive intrusions into their development and attempts to put an end to the eternal frankness of childhood. But the well-known boy in shorts of Éva Janikovszky's books was only a small part of the career of László Réber, who died at the age of 81. He was a draughtsman who, with very simple lines, expressed everything that others need colours, shades and forms for. A kind of humour always showed through his drawings that made one smile gently. The title of a book of the once widely popular Chinese writer could be used to describe it: A Wise Smile.


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